We take pride in our work, and it shows.

They have almost anything you can think of with a massive amounts in stock. The place is set up like a small city.
Joe B
Very clean shop. Cut to order steel as we waited. Excellent customer service
Amanda S
Great experience!!! Was approached by an employee asking what I could use some help with in the steel shed hardly before I could even get my two feet through the door. Gentleman was wearing a black cowboy hard hat definitely recommend him for your services. He helped me out with the supplies I needed he even saved me a few bucks by suggesting steel that had been cutoffs from previous customers and also to pick through theirbins to find smaller quantities that I needed. Lastly the gentleman seemed very knowledgeable I told him what I needed and he had it measured out and cut in a timely manner I was in and out in no time I think the loading process took longer than the shopping and cutting process I would strongly encourage anyone looking for steel supplies to stop out to londerville I didn't do much shopping around but their prices seemed very very reasonable! I think the checkout process was longer than the actual shopping and that's not a bad thing
Jyrdyn S
Very professional and friendly service, selection of material is huge. Now if they offered welding classes I'd be set!
Joe S
Amazing Company. Met the owner this weekend when he personally delivered a piece of steel for me. Thanks Guys. Great company.
Zack A
Staff was great to work with and there is usually plenty of drops (remnant pieces from others cuts) in varying sizes and types so you can save a little bit of money if you're on a budget) Excellent service. The guy with the golden hard hat is great to work with and will/does go out of his way to make sure the customers leave happy.
They always have what I need
Penny P
Excellent service and quality
John Z
Employees are always courteous and helpful
John Z