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Londerville Steel Enterprises Inc And Concrete Supply FAQ

Have a steel or concrete-related question? We have the answer. Check out these FAQs and give us a call today at (715) 675-6193 for more information!

Londerville Steel Enterprises Inc And Concrete Supply is located at 141156 Woodland Drive, Wausau, WI 54401. Our central, Midwest location allows us to more easily serve our customers across the United States.

Yes, there is! As steel suppliers, we offer a complete steel catalog that details our product offerings, including wire mesh and concrete mesh, square tubing, galvanized steel products, stainless steel sheet metal, and more. Contact us for more information.

In addition to offering on-site pick-up at our Wausau, WI location (perfect for nearby clients or those with the means to travel for pick-up), Londerville Steel Enterprises Inc and Concrete Supply also offers delivery to your location!

As steel suppliers, we proudly boast about steel as an eco-conscious and environmentally-friendly building and industrial material. Nearly 70% of steel is recycled in North America every year (more than 80 million tons), and since the 1940s, the steel industry has reduced its energy use by approximately 60%. In fact, the majority of the infrastructure built to support green energy initiatives are built from steel.

Regular steel is more cost-effective and more malleable than stainless steel, but less durable. Stainless steel is more durable and far more resistant to corrosion. The major difference between regular steel and stainless steel is the alloy chromium. Stainless steel contains (at least) 10% chromium. At Londerville Steel Enterprises Inc and Concrete Supply, we stock a number of stainless steel products, including stainless steel sheet metal, stainless steel tubing, and more!

We proudly offer concrete supply and industrial products from some of the leading names in the industry, including Bilco, Grip Rite, Leica, MK Diamond Products, Seymour, and more! For a complete list, visit the "Concrete" section of our website.

As the names would imply, the key difference between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel is the temperature at which the steel is processed. Hot rolled steel is processed with heat while cold rolled steel is processed around room temperature. Hot rolled steel is usually cheaper due to needing less processing, whereas cold rolled steel is typically the stronger of the two and finds use in more technically precise applications.

As a concrete supply company, we often hear these terms used interchangeably, but contrary to popular belief, concrete and cement are not the same thing! Cement is actually an ingredient of concrete, along with aggregates like sand, gravel, and/or crushed stone, and water. Mixed together, these ingredients become concrete.